St. Philip's Episcopal Church

706 Byers Avenue, Joplin, Missouri 64801

The Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri

The Rt. Rev. Diane M. Jardine Bruce – Bishop Provisional of West Missouri.

 Clergy and Staff at St. Philip’s

  • (Interim) Rector – Fr. Ted Estes
  • Deacon – Carol Peterson
  • Parish Secretary – Kim Siers
  • Choir Director – Julie Farmer
  • Organist and Assistant Choirmaster – Caleb R. Klinzing
  • Senior Warden – Kaie Stephenson
  • Junior Warden – Andrew Campbell
  • Treasurer – Jax Petty
  • Chancellor – Sharrock Dermott
  • Other Vestry Members – Calvin Cassady, Maria Dermott, Tammy Macy, Chris Smiley, Judy Turner, Blake Webster, 
  • Editor, St. Philip’s Life (monthly newsletter) – Jacquie McConnell

(Interim) Rector – Rev. Ted Estes

Fr. Ted Estes has served as Interim Rector since March 2022 while the search for a full-time rector/priest continues. Fr. Estes served previously as the Associate Rector at Grace Church, Carthage, MO and as Rector of All Saint’s Church, Nevada, MO and St. Paul’s Church of Lee’s Summit, MO. He is a member of the Diocesan Standing Committee and has served on several committees and councils within the Diocese of West Missouri. Fr. Ted and his wife, Melinda, live in Carthage, MO. They have 3 sons, Marshall, Theo, & Andrew. They have one grandson, Weston.

Deacon – Carol Peterson

Deacon Carol moved to the Joplin area in summer 2022, having previously served in the Diocese of Wyoming and the Diocese of Texas. She holds a BS and MS from the University of Wyoming, and has considerable experience working in the public and private sectors as a nurse, health educator, public health program manager and health & wellness consultant.  She was recently hired to serve as hospice chaplain for Haven Home Health. 

Episcopal Deacons are non-stipendiary clergy with a dual ministry serving both in the church with liturgical and pastoral care duties, and out in the world primarily serving the poor, the sick and the lonely. At the time of their ordination deacons are directed to “make Christ and his redemptive love known by word and example to those among whom they live, work and worship.” They are also charged with the prophetic task of “interpreting to the church the needs, concerns, and hopes of the world” and “at all times (their) life and teachings are to show Christ’s people that in serving the helpless they are serving Christ himself.” (BCP pg. 543)

Carol has two adult children and four grandchildren. She enjoys being out in nature and traveling. Her hobbies include gardening, sewing, crafting and painting. She has a cat named Princess and co-parents a dog named Leo.

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